Biozone Air Purifiers Methods & Technologies

Biozone Basics

Biozone air purifiers are unlike any other air purifiers available. They clean the air of biological contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and mold, destroy hazardous fumes, remove harmful particulates, and neutralize all unpleasant odors.

Biozone's advanced and extremely powerful photo plasma method of purifying indoor environments provides the ultimate in clean air technology. Here's how it works:

  1. When airborne contaminants enter a Biozone unit they are channeled into the Air Purification Chamber where they are immediately exposed to high intensity ultraviolet light that creates a photochemical process to kill bacteria, viruses, and mold, and help breakdown unhealthy gases.

  2. Inside the Purification Chamber, particles such as dust and smoke are removed from the air by electrically charging them with negative ions and photoelectrons.

  3. These particles are continually broken down by the powerful ultraviolet light and oxidized so there is never a need for cleaning or changing filters.

  4. Inside the Purification Chamber, wavelengths from our special ultraviolet lamp also energize the air creating a highly active gaseous state containing excited atoms and molecules, ionized gases, radicals and free electrons. We call this our Purifying Plasma, and it will destroy biological contaminants, gaseous impurities, remove particles, and neutralize unpleasant odors.

  5. The "ultra-pure" air is circulated back into the room carrying with it the full power of our Purifying Plasma that will continually seek out and destroy contaminants and unpleasant odors regardless of where they hide. Pollutants, odors, and contaminants do not have to enter a Biozone air purifier to be reduced, which is another major advantage over air filters.

Biozone Advanced Technologies


For air purification, Biozone has developed a technology termed PureWave™ that revolves around the creation of a cold gas plasma, which we refer to as our Purifying Plasma. Purifying Plasma is an excitation of gas by radio frequency energy – in our case; we excite gases by the energy from ultraviolet light waves. We create a highly energized gaseous state. The plasma, or highly energized gaseous state, is aggressive and highly reactive and contains excited atoms and molecules, ionized gases, radicals, metastable particles, and free electrons. It can destroy just about all organic contaminants.

Our Purifying Plasma is mainly an oxygen plasma created from the oxygen in the air. When we energize oxygen with light wave energy we create an aggressive and highly reactive plasma that contains positively and negatively charged atomic oxygen (which is just one atom of oxygen). We also create negatively and positively charged molecular oxygen (meaning two atoms of oxygen), neutrally charged atomic oxygen, ozone, ionized ozone, metastable excited oxygen, and free electrons. In addition, we excite the hydrogen atoms in water vapor in the air (humidity), which also react and combine with the oxygen atoms creating the radical species known as hydroxyl radicals (which we call purifying hydroxyls).

Along with the plasma, we use photochemistry, which is the chemical reaction or change in material caused by exposure to light energy – like ultraviolet light. This photochemical process also breaks down harmful organic contaminating molecules enhancing the purifying effects, but in so doing further contributes to the hydrogen pool of atoms for hydroxyl formations.

As an indication of the power of our Purifying Plasma combined with ultraviolet light, we can clean the air and surfaces 2000 times quicker than ozone alone and 180 times faster than just ultraviolet light.


Ozone generators have been used for over a hundred years for purification and sanitation purposes. Ozone's properties as a bactericide, viricide, fungicide and deodorizer are well accepted by the scientific community. Industry and the general public have eagerly accepted ozonation as a water and air purifier. However, it is also well established that exposure to high levels of ozone can be harmful to health, and at certain levels can be a respiratory irritant. Biozone’s Purifying Plasma contains ozone. But Biozone’s SafeZone™ method will not allow the accumulation of ozone to exceed recommended, safe levels. It is a fail-safe method. It does not rely on electronic gadgetry or inexpensive sensors, but combines the science of ultraviolet radiation, atom disassociation, quantum yield, and optimization of unit geometry. In practical terms, this means as the ozone level in an environment begins to rise, the machine will automatically reduce the amount of ozone contained in the plasma, thereby keeping the accumulation at low levels. There is no longer a reason to have concern about the potential harmful effects of too much ozone. Biozone air purifiers provide all the wonderful, powerful benefits of small amounts of ozone but with none of the worry associated with previous ozone devices.


Biozone’s Research and Development has also produced a state-of-the-art electronics module to power the PureWave™ System. This advanced engineered electronics package is a solid-state unit with constant wattage circuitry for greater electrical efficiency, and for the support of consistent output and long life. In addition, the electronics design is 12VDC resulting in one of the safest devices in the market and hence our trademark, SafeVolt™. The SafeVolt™ 12VDC system is a vast electrical improvement over ozone units using the corona discharge method of creating ozone, which requires 5,000 to 10,000 volts of electricity or old time, inefficient UV ballasts. The added advantage of Biozone’s 12VDC system is that it is easily used all over the world. No more worry about countries’ varying electrical systems using 110VAC or 220VAC or 240VAC. A simple AC/DC adapter is all that is needed.

Photo Plasma

Biozone air purifiers remove contaminants from air and surfaces by utilizing the principles of photochemistry, photo plasma, and photoionization through the photoelectric effect. While these methodologies have been well studied and documented by the scientific community, the synergy of their interaction produces a unique and a superlative way of cleaning air and surfaces of contaminants. Photochemistry is the chemical reaction or change in material caused by exposure to light energy. The process typically requires the use of photons in the ultraviolet spectral range. Ultraviolet radiation serves to excite or cleave chemical bonds and leads to the desired photoinduced reaction. Energetic ultraviolet radiation is useful for disinfection purposes. For this application, the fundamental physical requirement for the ultraviolet light source is sufficiently high photon energy (wavelength) at the required intensity. When sufficient photon energy is present, ultraviolet light becomes particularly useful in the destruction of contaminating organic compounds. Almost all indoor contaminants are organic. Organic compounds are carbon based. Many common organic compounds are based on the carbon and hydrogen combination, or hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons can be toxic volatile organic compounds such as formaldehydes and benzenes. Airborne, indoor dust particles like dander, hair, dust mite feces, etc. are based upon organic compounds generally associated with the lipid group. Biological contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and fungi are carbon based. Photochemistry can break down these harmful organic molecules. Ultraviolet light with enough energy such as in the 100 - 280 nanometer wavelength range can break down the electron bonds of an organic molecule. The shorter the ultraviolet wavelength the more energy created to break molecular bonds. All organic material is photodegradable at certain wavelengths. Ultraviolet wavelengths in the 100 - 280 nanometer bandwidth not only break down electron bonding of an organic molecule, but also initiate the formation of a photo plasma. A plasma is an excitation of gas by radio frequency energy. In our case, we excite gases by the energy from ultraviolet light waves. We create a highly energized gaseous state. The plasma, or highly energized gaseous state, is aggressive and highly reactive and contains excited atoms and molecules, ionized gases, radicals, and free electrons. It can destroy just about all organic contaminants. The destruction mechanism primarily involves the photodissociation of molecular oxygen leading to the formation of highly oxidizing species, such as atomic oxygen, molecular singlet oxygen and ozone. These agents interact with contaminants converting most to volatilized carbon dioxide and water. The UV radiation also creates electron ejection of organic molecules that produces additional free radical creation. The radicals react with oxygen producing hydro peroxide ions. The hydroperoxide process activates a chain reaction with organic compounds triggering further oxidation. When additional hydrogen is added as in the form of water or water vapor (humidity), the highly oxidative species hydroxyl radicals is created. These radical ions are stable but a very potent one-electron oxidant. They are very destructive to organic contaminants because they steal hydrogen atoms from the organic materials, leaving decaying carbon ions. The theft of hydrogen from organic molecules forms even stronger hydroxyl radical bonds with even higher oxidation potential. This entire process turns into a chain reaction - the breakdown and formation of new hydroxyl radicals results in the continual decay of organic material. While the photoelectric effect created by high energy ultraviolet light is ejecting electrons from a molecule, it is further enhanced by irradiating what is called a "photoelectron emitting member" with ultraviolet light. A photoelectron emitting member may be made of any material that emits photoelectrons upon exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Such a photoelectron emitting member is contained in Biozone Air Purifiers. The photoelectrons ejected from the photoelectron emitting member are used to charge fine particles in a gas, which are then removed from the air stream as they attach to oppositely charged surfaces. This electrically charging of dust and other particulates can remove particles as small as .001 micron. It should be noted that each of the electron ejections can cause multiple ionization events. For example, in the photoelectric effect, the photon undergoes only one interaction, yet thousands of ionizations can be caused by the resultant electron and its products. The combination of ultraviolet light and plasma has been reported to be extremely potent in removing contaminants from surfaces. As an example and for comparative purposes, it has been estimated that removing biological contaminants from surfaces by corona discharge created ozone may take 10 hours. Ultraviolet light in the highly bactericidal range of 253.7 nanometers would take 1 hour for the same result. Corona discharge ozone and ultraviolet light combined would achieve the same result in 1.5 minutes. However, the use of a broader and more energetic ultraviolet bandwidth combined with the resulting plasma would clean the same surface in 20 seconds.

Purifying Plasma

The benefits of Biozone's UV/Plasma methodology produces many advantages over other air purifiers that use only one method such as ozone. Commercially, ozone is generally produced by using either high voltage electricity and plates (corona discharge) or ultraviolet light. Most manufacturers of portable ozone generators use the old corona discharge method, which produces a very high concentration of ozone gas. These machines can quickly bring the ozone levels in a room far beyond Federal Safety Limits and expose inhabitants to potentially harmful levels of ozone. The corona discharge method also produces harmful byproducts such as nitric oxide and nitric acid, substances that are irritating and unhealthy to breathe.

Instead of using the corona discharge method, Biozone air purifiers use ultraviolet light to produce plasma. While ozone is part of Biozone's Plasma, it is not needed in high concentrations for purification. The addition of other purifying oxygen and hydrogen atom and molecular structures allow Biozone to produce a most effective purifying device without the hazards associated with too much ozone. And unlike corona discharge units, no nitric oxides or nitric acids are produced and there are no ozone plates to clean.

Enhancement of Negative Ions

Ions are natural particles in the air that have either a positive or negative charge. Negative ions attach themselves to airborne particles such as dust, pollen, smoke and dander, dropping them from the air. Negative ions can be actively produced by high voltage electricity run through metal needles (needlepoint ionization), as a natural byproduct when ozone is created by corona discharge or UV light, and through the creation of a gas plasma by an energy source. To further enhance our ionic production, we incorporate a UV Ionic Accelerator that produces photoelectrons, which become charged and further remove fine particles from the air. However, it must be noted that negative ions have a very short lifespan (two to six minutes) and are usually grounded before they can circulate throughout a dwelling. Understanding the limiting factors of negative ion production, the ionic accelerator produces enough negative ions to be beneficial in removing airborne particulates, while increasing the negative ion count to be similar to clean, fresh, country air.

Ultraviolet Light

It has been well established that UV light will destroy the viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other organics in air passing in its path. Biozone Air Purifiers use a high-intensity germicidal ultraviolet lamp with a high purity fused-quartz glass for maximum output. Most importantly, the internal design of Biozone units directs air so that it passes in close contact with the ultraviolet lamp for maximum exposure and effectiveness.

Advanced Electronic Power Source

Biozone has developed a new and exciting power source to drive the ultraviolet lamps in Biozone air purifiers! Traditionally, UV lamps have been powered by magnetic ballasts similar to those used to power common fluorescent bulbs. Their inconsistent electrical output and annoying hum have been adverse to the performance and function of ultraviolet light systems. Through extensive research and development, Biozone has now produced a dramatically improved method of powering UV lamps. Biozone's solid state, 12VDC power source is unique in the world and provides constant wattage circuitry for consistent and safe output. Biozone's sophisticated electronics also assists in low cost of ownership since Biozone air purifiers cost just pennies a day to operate!


Biozone offers a comprehensive line of air purifiers for a vast array of commercial, office, portable, car, office and home air purifier applications. The output of Biozone Air Purifiers is optimized by the airflow, lamp power, lamp size, and air purification chamber geometry according to the needs of the application. Biozone units can also easily be customized for specific needs and requirements.

Low Maintenance

Most air cleaners or air purifiers require frequent cleaning of the internal ozone plates, grids, rods, etc., or expensive filter changes. Unlike other air cleaners, Biozone air purifiers are virtually maintenance-free and in most environments no cleaning is needed. If a Biozone unit is operated in an area with smoke or heavy dust, the ultraviolet lamp may need to be wiped off with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol occasionally, and the air intake on the back of the unit may accumulate dust and need to be cleaned occasionally (simply vacuum with dust attachment or remove screen and rinse under water faucet).

Like corona discharge plates used in other air purifiers, your Biozone air purifier's UV lamp(s) will eventually need to be replaced. While corona discharge plates will need to be replaced every six months to 1 year, Biozone lamps are guaranteed for 9,000 hours or 1 year of use. After 9,000 hours, the lamp's purifying output will begin to decline. Lamps in Biozone air purifiers operated on a part-time basis can last up to 2 to 3 years (9,000 hours total use). Replacement lamps are easy to install and are available on our Biozone replacement lamp order page.


Biozone air purifiers include a manufacturer warranty. In the unlikely event that your Biozone air purifier stops working, contact Biozone for a FREE repair.

What is covered: All parts defective in material and workmanship.

For how long: 1 year from the purchase date.

What Biozone will do: Repair or replace any defective parts.

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