Biozone 50V Car Air Purifier

We highly recommend the Biozone 50V car air purifier to reduce air pollution in your vehicle.

  • Features Biozone's unique, advanced air purification technologies including PureWave plasma. Other car air purifiers typically include just one single technology such as ionic. Ions are one component of Biozone's multipart UV ionic technology, which is more powerful and reduces more types of pollution than ions alone or other technologies are capable of.
  • Simply the best and most effective purifier available for reduction of air pollution inside vehicles including odors, allergens, germs, smoke, mold, chemical gases, and more. Nothing else can compare!
  • Virtually silent! So whisper-quiet, you probably won't even hear it running.
  • Extremely light and compact. Other units are heavy, big and bulky, taking up too much of your valuable interior space.
  • Maintenance-free. Simply replace the UV plasma lamp in your Biozone car air purifier after each 9,000 hours (1 year) of use. If used in a smoker's vehicle, the lamp may also need to be wiped off occasionally to remove smoke residue.

  • Very low power consumption.

  • Biozone is a world leader with years of experience in advanced air purification technology.

  • 90-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

The Biozone 50V car air purifier effectively reduces allergens, smoke, chemical gases, odors, germs, mold, and more. Keeps the air in your vehicle fresh and clean! Great for cars, trucks, small RVs, taxis, limos, and small boat cabins. Covers up to 50 sq. ft. Includes cigarette lighter power plug and Velcro strips for easy mounting. 3.5 x 1.5 x 5.25". Replacement Lamp 304.

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