Biozone Office, Commercial, & Home Air Purifier Results From A Few Customers

I wanted to let you know that the air purifiers are working so well and have made a difference almost immediately. We are so pleased and thankful for all of your help and recommendations through the process. With the success, I imagine we'll be looking into more for other cat rooms in the shelter.

Many thanks and we'll be sure to recommend your product.

Doug Radziewicz
Executive Director
Second Chance Animal Center
Shaftsbury, VT

Thank you for all your help, I just placed an online order for a Biozone 3000B home air purifier. The order process was simple and effortless. I want to personally thank you for replying back to my emails and giving me so much valuable info. I can tell you this, I believe I bought the best air purifier on the market, however if yours was second best, I would have still gone with Biozone based on the service you provided me. People do make a difference and you made a big one by your sincere and quick responsiveness.

Kindest of Regards
James Quade
Customer for Life

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I have received my Biozone 2000 Home Air Purifier only two days after ordering it. I was delighted to have received it so soon, I figured not have taken delivery for at least 7 days with your free shipping. I have had it on now for only an hour and what a difference it has already made in all rooms. This is a two smoker household and we also have two dogs, and with the humidity here in South Florida you can imagine what this home smelled like some days. I just wanted to thank you again for the great service. I am sure I will love this more with every passing day. I will recommend this product to anyone, I will be sure to tell all my friends.......THANKS AGAIN!!!!

Kenneth W. Schulze



I am sure enjoying my Biozones. Since I placed the 1000 in the kitchen I have not smelled one odor even though the kitty box is in the laundry room off the kitchen. I received an additional 1000 today and have placed it in my bedroom. A few months ago I did a petri dish test on my air quality and found a small sample of two molds. I am going to retest now that I have the air purifiers and see what happens. I will let you know. I have also noticed that the first place I notice dust is on the TV screen. I have not noticed any there in recent days. I think you guys have a real winning product. You run a good operation and I am recommending you to my local and Internet friends. You are free to use any of my comments any way you wish. My wife was skeptical at first but yesterday she mentioned we might order another one and then one arrives. Sure glad I did not get the Quadra!

John Holt
LtCol,USAF (Ret)

I have suffered from allergies for many years. At the present time, I am undergoing a third round of traditional allergy shots. During the past 19 years, I have done a 3 year treatment, and after a period of time and reassurances of symptoms, a 5 year treatment, and now I am in my second year of yet another 5 year program. I have also tried homeopathy, and I use inhalers, nasal spray, and various medications such as Claritin and Allegra. Because I am extremely allergic to dust mites, as evidenced from an anaphylactic reaction to mite shots in the past, and I also have significant allergies to most trees, weeds, dogs, cats, and sensitivities to strong chemical odors and cigarette smoke, I have to proceed slowly with weekly shots in split dosages. As per doctor's orders, I have hardwood floors, instead of carpeting, and blinds, instead of curtains, in my bedroom. I no longer have any pets and there are few things to gather dust in my home. My mattress and box spring are encased in allergy casings. For the past 13 years, I have also run a Honeywell Enviracaire Hepa unit in my bedroom when I am sleeping. I change the outer filters and the charcoal filters as needed.

Though I have always done my best to alleviate my symptoms, I still wake with some congestion and a tired feeling. I had begun to believe this was all just allergy and/or age related. This theory recently changed when I was introduced to the Biozone.

At first, I was very skeptical when my fiancé bought two Biozone 1000 air purifiers for his home. The motivating factor of his purchase was to freshen the inside odors in his home which is a very airtight house. Soon, though, I had to begrudgingly admit that they did get rid of strong cooking odors and an always stubborn mildew smell from a room sized carpet. Now I am no longer a "Doubting Thomas."

After the units were turned down to medium, I no longer smelled or noticed them. In fact, I forgot they were there because they are small, unobtrusive (like small Bose speakers), and silent. What I did notice, however, surprised me tremendously. After spending 3 days at my fiancé's house (where usually my allergies worsened and I would awaken with bags the size of Pullman suitcases under my eyes) I was amazed. I was thoroughly shocked at the rested feeling I now had when I awoke. Now I could breathe through both nostrils, my sinuses were clear (no headache or pressure from full sinuses), and there were absolutely no bags under my eyes. It was like a miracle. Not only did the Biozone alleviate my allergy problem, but in doing so, and eliminating my under eye puffiness, it was akin to a face lift. As a 56 year old woman, that last benefit, in itself, was enough to make me desire to own a Biozone.

Last night "I" ordered the Biozone 500 air purifier for my bedroom. I can't wait for it to arrive. The Honeywell Hepa filter machine will soon be history. I look forward to a new lease on life.

Alice Ouimette, MI

I am very grateful Biozone makes these types of air purifiers.

I have had challenges with the apartment I moved into two years ago. My ENT doctor and I believe my allergies/sinus problems are from the chemicals in the apartment, since I am not allergic to mold and such.

Recently, I had a skin allergic reaction. Due to my other allergies, the urgent care and allergist said my body was in shock. I took action and found out that Biozone can remove chemicals from the air.

I received my Biozone 3000 on Friday afternoon. By Monday, which was confirmed by my ENT doctor (I had an appointment scheduled for that day), my sinuses where drained and my left ear looked very well. The fluid in my ear was almost gone and the ear looked as though it was going to be ok. My ENT doctor was happy to know that I purchased an air cleaner that removes chemicals from the air. I am thankful to know that I will not have to have surgery and have a drainage tube placed in my ear.

My apartment is 830 square feet. I choose to purchase the Biozone 3000 due to the chemicals that I know are in the apartment. Biozone is currently at the medium setting. It makes me wonder how many chemicals keep being emitted in my apartment when I have the air purifier set for a 2000 square foot building, when my apartment is only 830 square feet.

Thank You
Theresa Ragsdale

We received our Biozone air purifiers, and they've been up and running for a couple of weeks - our house smells much better! And our two kittens do not appear to have any problem with the ozone. I thought I'd pass that along in case some one else inquires about pets.

Tammy Stafford


I have a Biozone 500 and have been very pleased with it over the years. I love it!

Claudia Curiel

Many other Biozone air purifier users also report great results.

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