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Official Biozone Spare or Replacement Lamps (Bulbs) and Accessories

The lamp (bulb) in your Biozone commercial, car, portable, office, or home air purifier is effective for and needs replacement after each 9,000 hours (1 year) of use (unit turned on) even if the lamp is still glowing after that time. If an old lamp has remained installed beyond its effective purifying lifespan of 1 year and has completely burned out you will need to replace any fuse(s) in the air purifier for your new lamp(s) to work. We recommend ordering a spare or replacement fuse(s) with lamp(s) (1 fuse per lamp).

Biozone has changed the part numbers of all replacement lamps and the old and new lamp numbers are listed below. Check your owner's guide or label on the back of your air purifier for the correct model and lamp number. The lamp number should also be printed on one end of the lamp. Newer Biozone air purifier model numbers begin with "D" on the label and these models use the same lamps as models without a D, for example "D1000" uses the same lamp as the Biozone 1000. Let us know if you need help choosing the correct lamp for your Biozone air purifier or need a lamp or part not listed below.

We offer only official Biozone lamps with the full manufacturer's warranty (not "compatible" or non-Biozone lamps), shipped from the Biozone factory directly to you! As stated in Biozone Air Purifiers Owner's Guides, use of non-Biozone lamps or parts voids the air purifier warranty. Also, only official Biozone lamps are covered by Biozone's 1-year lamp warranty. Therefore only official Biozone lamps should be installed as recommended by the manufacturer.

We offer the entire line of Biozone air purifiers. Models listed below that are not shown on our website product pages have been discontinued or replaced, however we will continue to offer replacement lamps for all models.

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Biozone #25-1250 Fuse for Biozone 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, and most InDuct models (order 1 fuse per lamp). Add a lamp for free shipping. $1.49

Biozone #10-08050 (old part numbers 350 and 13-3500) UV lamp for older Biozone 1000 units, 2000, 100, InDuct ID500-07, InDuct ID1500 $42.95

Biozone #10-08025 UV lamp for newer Biozone 1000 units, InDuct ID200-07 $42.95

Biozone #10-08100 (old part numbers 300 and 13-3000) UV lamp for Biozone 3000, 4000 (takes 2 lamps), 5000 (takes 3 lamps), InDuct ID1000-07, InDuct ID2500, 200R, 300FS, 400FS $42.95

Biozone #10-04100 (old part numbers 304 and 13-3040) 4 inch UV lamp for older Biozone 500 units, 102 MiniZone, 250T TravelAire, 50V, 100V, 100FS, 200FS, 100R $42.95

Biozone #10-08010 8 inch UV lamp for newer Biozone 500 units $42.95

Set of 2 Biozone UV lamps for Biozone 1500 (non-Induct model) includes 1 Biozone #10-04100 (old part numbers 304 and 13-3040) UV lamp and 1 Biozone #10-08010 (replaces old #300N) UV lamp $85.90

Biozone #302 UV lamp for Biozone 50 Personal, 50FS $14.80

Biozone #10-11100 (old part numbers 314 and 13-3140) UV lamp for Biozone InDuct ID2500-07, InDuct ID5000, Powerzone I, II, and III $95.95

Biozone #10-15100 (old part numbers 315 and 13-3150) UV lamp for Biozone ATC I, II, & III; InDuct ID10000; Powerzone IV; MegaZone $99.95

Biozone #10-11100S (old part numbers 317 and 13-3170) UV lamp for Biozone InDuct ID4000 $95.95

Biozone #10-08010 (replaces old #300N) UV lamp for Biozone UltraPure and 1500 (non-InDuct model, 1500 also uses lamp #10-04100 above) $42.95

FF1 - Fusion Filter for UltraPure $37.95

RP1 - UltraPure Replacement Pack (1 #10-08010 (replaces old #300N) UV lamp and 1 #FF1 Fusion Filter) $79.95

#16-1 - Spare or Replacement 120 VAC/12 VDC Adapter/Cord for Biozone 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 50S, 100, 102, 250T $34.95


#16-3351 - Spare or Replacement 3A 100-240 VAC/12 VDC Adapter for Biozone 4000, InDuct ID2500-07 (new model made after 2006), InDuct ID5000, Powerzone I $39.95

#16-5002 - Spare or Replacement 5A 100-240 VAC/12VDC Adapter for Biozone 400FS, 5000, InDuct ID10000, ATC I, ATC II, Powerzone II $59.95

#1040 - Wall mounting bracket for Biozone Home and Office Air Purifiers $11.95

#143 - 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug Adapter for Biozone 50V, 100V (also works with all other Biozone air purifiers except Biozone 50P Personal, ATC III, and Powerzone IV) $6.95


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