Biozone Air Purifiers Selection Guide

Biozone stand-alone or room air purifiers should be selected based on the pollution level, square footage, and ceiling height of each room or area. Many homes contain large open areas (no walls or doors separating kitchen, den, living room, etc.), while other floor plans contain more walls and completely separate rooms, further restricting airflow throughout the home. We generally recommend placing multiple Biozone room air purifiers throughout a structure (one in each separate room and open combined room area) or installing one Biozone HVAC InDuct air purifier. This approach will more evenly-distribute the air purifiers' plasma output into completely separate rooms, which generally works better than trying to cover an entire home or building with one large room air purifier. For example, for light or normal pollution levels (light odors, no pets, no smokers) in an average-size home with 8 ft. ceilings, locating a Biozone 500 in each bedroom and a Biozone 1000 or 2000 in larger rooms or open combined room areas (living room, etc.) would typically be ideal. Larger Biozone models (3000 and above) are designed for very large rooms or open combined room areas between 500 to 3000 sq. ft., or smaller rooms with higher pollution levels.

Biozone InDuct air purifiers should be selected based on the pollution level, square footage, and ceiling height of the entire home or office area served by each single HVAC system.

Important: Rooms or areas with higher than light or normal pollution levels (smoking areas, pet areas, strong odors, etc.) will require a more powerful air purifier. For example a salon, veterinary office, or small bar will require at least a 4000+ sq. ft. coverage air purifier, even if the area contains fewer square feet. Most commercial spaces with higher pollution, smoke, or odor levels (restaurants, bars, clubs, nail salons, kennels or multiple animal areas, etc.) require one or more Biozone ATC commercial air purifiers.

See our Quick Reference Guide for more detailed selection information. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document (most computers already have Acrobat). If you have trouble opening the document you may need to download free Acrobat Reader here

For further help selecting the right Biozone air purifier model(s), Contact Us with a description of your location, total sq. ft. of the area, ceiling height, and any specific air quality concerns.

Biozone air purifiers are about half the price of other top-selling brands. We make it easier to buy multiple air purifiers to cover your entire home or office. And don't forgot our money-back guarantee and free shipping!

Warning: Don't be fooled by false claims regarding ions traveling through walls and into the next room via radio frequency. It's physically impossible. Radio waves travel through walls however ions do not. If someone makes this claim, ask for proof.

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