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If you travel, you may need a more compact portable air purifier to take along with you. Do you suffer from allergies while traveling? Have you ever experienced colds or air sickness because the ventilation system in the plane brought your fellow passengers' germs up close and personal? Have you ever walked into a hotel room that looked clean however your nose indicated otherwise? These lightweight, easy to carry portable air purifiers are just the tickets for your travel needs! You might also want to visit the links below to view our home and office models, which are great for everyday semi-portable air purification at home or work.

Biozone 250 Air Purifier

The 250 Travel Aire is the best portable air purifier because it uses Biozone's scientifically advanced, proprietary PureWave™ process, which removes contaminants from air and surfaces through the use of its powerful photo plasma method. The 250 is an ultra-compact, very light (10 oz.) unit designed to purify the air in an average-size room. Air travelers, this model is the perfect size and weight for packing in your suitcase or carry on bag for hotel room stays. It will dramatically reduce the level of contaminants by destroying germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, neutralizing chemical gases, and eliminating unpleasant odors. Best of all, this highly portable unit will greatly reduce allergens and keep the air in your room smelling fresh and clean!

Why do we need portable air purifiers?

  • The air in hotel and cruise ship rooms is some of the worst you can find, with building engineers estimating that more than half of all hotels provide contaminated air to their guests.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports that hotels pay little attention to air quality, and complaints about poor air quality are on the rise. The problem exists regardless of the price of a hotel room.
  • Clinics specializing in travel health say almost 25% of patients who are frequent hotel guests now complain about air quality.
  • What are the causes? Old, dirty air conditioning units or ducts, mold, paint or carpet fumes, cleaning chemicals and deodorizers, and residual tobacco smoke chemicals and odors left by guests.

Even though we can't see most of these pollutants, it's easy to see why portable air purifiers are needed.

"I take my Travel Aire with me on every trip. You never know what's growing in hotel rooms these days. I want a room that's clean and smells like it."
     David Tsaloff, Virginia Beach, VA

"People with allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities should never travel without one."
     Kimberly Crawford, MD FACPM, Vero Beach, FL

The 250 Travel Aire portable air purifier covers up to 300 sq. ft. and its ultra-compact size of 6 x 4 x 1.5" weighs just 10 ounces. It runs on 12 VDC from the accompanying AC/DC adapter, making it easily adaptable worldwide, and includes a 1-year warranty. Replacement Lamp 304.

Does not meet California requirements; cannot be shipped to California.


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Biozone 50P Air Purifier

The 50P Personal portable air purifier uses the scientifically advanced, proprietary, PureWave™ process, which removes contaminants from air and surfaces through the use of its powerful photo plasma method. 50P reduces the level of bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoke, and odors around you. It is designed to take with you on planes, trains, taxis, and for crowded environments like movie theaters, waiting rooms, and conferences.

  • The air in planes, trains, and buses is filled with contagions. Germs, cigarette smoke and odors invade your space in restaurants. Crowded environments such as movie theaters, waiting rooms, and conference rooms are prime settings for the transference of colds and flu.
  • 50P is a compact, battery operated unit that can significantly reduce pollutants and contaminants near you. It is great for use in restaurants, clubs, meetings, etc.
  • This portable air purifier is effective for up to 10 sq. ft. and operates on 4 C cell batteries. This model also includes a vehicle cigarette lighter adapter and AC/DC adapter for wall outlets. It features silent, maintenance-free operation and includes a 1-year warranty. 8.5 x 1.5 x 2.5". Replacement Lamp 302.

Does not meet California requirements; cannot be shipped to California.


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